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• 7/4/2018

Future DLC of Deserts of Kharak?

Anyone know if any future work on Deserts of Kharak is planned/in progress? I know it wasn't a popular title, but I did like the story and fleshing out of Kharakian culture. I can easily see a new single-player DLC installment happening, focusing on consolidation of Kharak's other kiiths (Paktu and Maanan would be interesting spaces to explore). Since it's the original Homeworld team, I could also see some ideas about having megaliths being a consistent installation between missions (similar in a vein on how Moon Project did campaigns). It's a way you could tell a story *and* have a nice place to retire/rebuild/tweak your ships for future missions.
Personally not sure why Sobaan/Khaaneph DLCs were released, it's sad but MP was dead on arrival it seemed like.
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
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• 9/3/2017

Soundtrack link unavailable..

two of community sountrack link are broken :(  how can I get them?
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• 8/8/2015

Pages with no game source

So I've been looking around the wiki and I've noticed we have a few articles where the source of the page is a website only. An example of one was Vay, but it's been deleted as it doesn't appear anywhere in games or manuals and the only claimed source of its existence was a website that doesn't exist (there are no cached archives of the site, so they can't be used to reference the page).
There are still some articles where the only "claimed" source (there is no proper reference) is a website that has some marginal reference to Homeworld, rather than a game manual or an in-game statement. Game manuals and in-game content should ideally take precedence as a source for a statement than a website, especially as there are many websites out there that only deal with fanon or fan-fiction, neither of which has much place on the wiki anyway.
What does the wiki wish to do with articles that have only a basis on a website and don't actually appear in-game or in a manual? Keep or delete? I'll give this a week before deciding (so, 15th August is when the decision will be made).
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• 7/5/2015

Adoption (Take 2)

Hi there.
I'm posting this thread to once again put forward my intention to adopt the wiki. Our current bureaucrats have taken little interest in the wiki for the past several months and virtually all the contributions of late have been from myself. I have had no help from any of the other sysops and it seems they probably do not have any interest in this wiki any more.
I will be putting forward my adoption to Wikia so that I can gain the bureaucrat rights and improve the wiki further as a proper leader of the community. This will also allow me to go forth with several other projects I have planned to radically improve the community here and become a full database of information for Homeworld and the upcoming additions to Homeworld Remastered.
Please use this thread to discuss...
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• 5/14/2015

Mod Content

What should we do regarding content for mods? We have a couple of pages left from active and popular mods, but I'm not sure whether to keep them or delete the content. If we delete the content, we could make threads for those popular mods in the forums, although I doubt people would care that much anyway. But feel free to discuss here, I'll keep this open for about 4-5 days before deciding.
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• 4/23/2015

Serious Question

Does anyone actually care for this wiki? As I completely expected, I came back and became a sysop, only to find that everyone (particularly other sysops) abandoned the wiki again. I guess the other sysops are just too busy or have no further interest in the Homeworld series anymore, since they've not made any edits at all in a while now.
I really don't want to have to make another adoption request for bureaucratic rights so I can sort out this mess all by myself. So if you are still active, just post here and let us know.
I've noticed that our views per day is WAY lower than it used to be. We were hitting 10k all the time. These days, it's no higher than 5k, so I'm suspecting this wiki is still failing to meet expectations: what are we doing that doesn't meet expectations ?
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• 3/12/2015

where can i get cataclysm?

Any of you know where i can get a hold of a copy of homeworld cataclysm? cant seem to find it anywhere!
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• 3/10/2015

Why cant we see more of the kadeshi?

In my opinion, the coolest race in the homeworld universe is the kadeshi, however from what ive read on forums some people claim that the kadeshi  are extinct some claim they survived the kushan intrusion. What do you think? do you think we will see more of the kadeshi in the upcoming hw3?
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• 3/8/2015

Concept Arts

As we're aware, the wiki has quite a large amount of concept art present (totalling 313 images). While a large portion is official, there is the chance that some unofficial concept art has been uploaded: in other words, it's fanon. But with only a few people knowing what is official and what isn't, this is a difficult task.
So this thread is to be used for collating the official and unofficial concept art. Since concept art from the developer is official, they will be kept and should be used in articles where possible. Anything that is NOT official is likely to be removed.
The list of current concept art tagged on the wiki can be found here: Concept Art category
Thanks for helping out! :)
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• 3/8/2015

Project "Image Policy Compliance"

Hi there
One of the issues on the wiki is the large numbers of images that are missing their fair use rationale and license metadata. By default, all images used on the wiki require this information so as to comply with the required fair use laws.
While we have had an image policy on the wiki, it was never a proper policy and didn't cover the legal aspect of uploading pictures, so it's understandable that most images don't contain the required data. I applaud our recent editors for uploading through Special:Upload and ensuring all images contain the appropriate metadata.
This thread is to let the community know of a project that any editor can assist with. We would like ALL images to be updated with the required fair use rationale and license metadata. This is how it'll work:

If you go to any article with images on them, check the images themselves for a fair use rationale and license template. If they're missing, you can do one of two things:
Add {{File Information}} and {{Gamescreenshot}} to any images on the wiki (under the headings Summary and Licensing respectively). Usage instructions provided on each template
Tag the images with {{No license}} and {{No rationale}} for another editor to correct.
If the image isn't in use on articles, tag it with {{Unused}} so that extra attention is paid to make it usable on the wiki. You can check if an image isn't being used on articles with Special:UnusedFiles
Images with poor filenames should be tagged with {{Poor filename}}. A poor filename would be something like 2013-11-21 04-42-28-76: this describes nothing about the file and is of no help to the wiki.
Got any questions? Great! Ask them below and I'll try to help :)
Thanks! :)
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• 3/8/2015

New Manual of Style

As many of you are probably aware, we've not really had any real style guidelines and articles were all in a jumble with no clear standard for articles to be written. I am pleased to say we now have a Manual of Style, which you can read here: Manual of Style
Not all article types have yet been covered. Some article types may not even need a stated standard (such as planets, as there are only a few named planets in the series), but you'll see the style guidelines updated over time.
If you have anything to suggest for the articles not covered under the guidelines, feel free to post below with your suggestion for a standard on a specific article and I'll look into it
Thanks! :)
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• 3/7/2015

Gallery of X pages

I want to get the communities opinion on the various "Gallery of X" articles we have around the wiki.
At this moment, they seem to consist of concept art and a few other images used elsewhere. I'm not really a big fan on just uploading a bunch of pictures just to put them in a gallery, as the wiki should not be treated like a big image repository.
What are your opinions on these pages? Discuss below.
EDIT: The list of these articles can be found here: Special:PrefixIndex/Gallery of
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• 3/3/2015

Weekly Update: 03/03/2015

I'm going to do update threads like this to give everyone an insight into changes being made to the wiki.

Some new policies have been introduced. These are the Naming policy and the Image policy. The former is still being debated by the community, but the image policy was recently introduced to coincide with some other changes that are mentioned below. It is important to read the image policy before uploading files to the wiki.
In line with the new image policy, I have included some new templates and an improved uploading interface. It is highly advised to upload ALL files via Special:Upload. The interface will now ask you for some important details, which will make your image upload compliant to the policy and usable in the project.
The fanon custom namespace will be implemented by the end of week. I will post a later announcement when Wikia has enabled this for the wiki.
Feel free to discuss below and let me know if I missed anything!
PS: With the introduction of an image policy, I will be posting a thread for the community to get involved in updating our older images to follow policy and will actively work in removing unused files. The wiki is not an image dump/repository and should not be treated like one, so we have many files that aren't in use anywhere and don't have any indications of being used. More on this in another thread.
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• 2/26/2015

Homeworld Remastered RELEASED!

Hello all
You are all likely aware now that Homeworld Remastered is here and available to the public. It is now very important that we work together to improve the wiki. I'll give you some statistics about the page views we got on the wiki leading up to (and including) release day.
For the past month or so, we've only been hitting around 9-10k pageviews on average, which is respectable considering how long we've gone without a release. On 22nd February, the views reached a high of 14.8k pageviews, which is pretty good going: since that point, our views only went up. Hell, on release day, we got a whopping 50000 page views!
I want to thank everyone for making the wiki what it is. With Remastered here, it is now very important to remove ALL information that we cannot source in any way and to keep things completely factual, as people will absolutely be coming here for nothing but information. Nobody will want to come here if we have any fanon/theories in articles! :)
I will be around very often to help out as much as I can, and you can help as well!

Please check through our articles and remove anything that doesn't make sense, is contentious or cannot be sourced in any way.
Upload pictures for ANYTHING from Remastered and add them to articles!
Add new information that came from Remastered (if necessary, reference it!)
Thanks for your help and we could not be here without you, the community. :)
Thanks!- Sajuuk
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• 2/24/2015

Titles of articles for ships names.

SuperSajuuk raised a concern on ships naming convention, so I'd like to hear an opinion of other editors on that.
Pick your option:
1) (rename of all HW and HW:C ships articles) Basically Sajuuk says that articles about ships should be titled exactly as they are named in the game, by a rule that games take higher priority over all the other sources. So an example edit would be to move Thief-class Heavy Corvette into Standard Corvette.
2) (no change) Currently we were providing the most complete name possible - that includes a name of the class as provided in sources. So if we find Thief-class Heavy Corvette in one of the sources to name Taiidan Corvette then we title article as such.
The addition I wanted to make for this is to go through all of the ships articles and make sure that redirects exist where appropriate, so Taiidan Standard Corvette would redirect to Thief-class Heavy Corvette. Therefore if anyone is looking for Taiidan Corvette - he will find it regardless.
3) (rename of all HW and HW:C ships articles) Option third would be to title articles closely to the in-game naming, while also having a race in a title. So we would have article titled Taiidan Standard Corvette that appears in the game as "Standard Corvette". This also helps with avoiding any possible conflicts, and it follows current naming convention for Homeworld 2 ships, most (but not all) of which did not have any name of the class. Eg. Hiigaran Battlecruiser.
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• 2/24/2015

Clearing out Unused Files

This is just a short announcement: tomorrow, just before the release of Homeworld: Remastered, I will be clearing out the large number of unused files that are present on the wiki.
The current list of unused files can be found here: Special:UnusedFiles
If editors cannot find any article in which these files can be added, they will be removed.
I will also be working on an image policy and starting a wiki-wide initiative to ensure any existing images that "can" be used (or are in use) are licensed and tagged appropriate with the rationale and fair use metadata that is required for images on a wiki.
Thank you for your co-operation. If you have issues with this, or need an image saved for some other reason, please inform me via my user talkpage and I will not run the deletion script on the pictures as necessary.
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• 2/22/2015

New Category Tree idea

Currently, our category tree is quite vague and only categorises ships by general types, which makes it difficult for non-Homeworld players to know which ship comes from which game. Therefore, I'd like to propose that we implement a new category tree which will make things much easier to find for users of the wiki, as well as helping people to know which ship/location comes from which game.
Under the new suggestion:

All ships will be categorised under a general Game category (eg: Homeworld: Ships, Cataclysm: Ships, Homeworld 2: Ships)
They will then be categorised under a race category (eg: Kushan Ships, Taiidan Ships etc)
To aid in further categorisation, they will then be categorised by ship type (fighter, corvette)
All locations will be categorised by their appearance in the game (eg Homeworld: Locations, Cataclysm: Locations, Homeworld 2: Locations).
Some locations may be categorised into multiple categories, as some appear multiple times in the game
Lore articles will be categorised under a "Lore" category for now, but may be expanded in future.
Mission articles will be left as they are.
If I've missed any article types, let me know and I'll add them here, but I do wish to hear the opinions of the community on this possible new tree format, which will make things much easier to find. Right now, it's impossible to find a specific ship or know which race it comes from.
Discuss below, thanks! :)
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• 2/21/2015

Your Favourite Game?

Out of the three games, which one is your favourite and why?
For me, I have to say all of them are my favourite, but I do have a preference to Cataclysm. I think it's because of the time compression feature which speeds up a lot of the boring parts and gets the missions done faster, not to mention that getting a near infinite level of RU's is pretty easy since ships are cheap and there are many RU's early on.
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• 2/17/2015

Skywalker, lets get this stuff off Wikia..

.i am fed up with the adverts and willing to sponsor a custom domain with our own wiki, migrating all this over there. Get in touch; <snip email>
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