This is the article on the basic fighter. If you are looking for the article on the upgraded corvette, see ACV.

Ship Information
Fleet Defence
Ship Type
RU Cost
75 RUs
Technical Information
90 tons
825 m/s
2 Light Mass Drivers
2 Light Missile Launchers

The Acolyte is a strike craft unique to Kiith Somtaaw, built on technology obtained from the Bentusi and notable for its unique drive system that enabled it to function indefinitely without docking to refuel.

Overview Edit

There is currently no canon explanation for how this works, but it seems to have been universally adopted by 15 AHL.

Twin underwing missile hardpoints were added during the Beast War era, giving the Acolyte a secondary role as a bomber and partially compensating for Somtaaw's initial lack of capital ships. Pairs of Acolytes could also be linked in space to form the Acolyte Composite Vehicle.

The initial variant of the Acolyte, before the various upgrades applied during the Beast War, is slower but better-armored and has a slightly better rate of turn than the standard Interceptor; their relative merits are a matter for opinion.

Most Acolyte pilots were apparently combat veterans from the original Mothership Fleet; canon does not go into the specifics, but presumably they were either enticed away from their birth kiithid or hired from Kiith Soban as mercenaries.

The Beast stole and adopted the design for the Acolyte from Somtaaw, and has also incorporated it as its primary combat fighter. The Beast variant seems to be a pound-for-pound match to the Somtaaw version with one exception: the Beast version also has self regeneration like many other Beast Ships, and can fully repair itself from even critical damage if given enough time without having to dock.

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References Edit

  1. Homeworld: Cataclysm manual
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