Advanced Swarmer

Advanced Swarmer


Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
Technical Information
50 tons
1000 m/s2
1500 m/s
4 Small Projectile Cannons

The Advanced Swarmer is an upgrade of the more familiar Swarmer.

Background Edit

Like their predecessors, the Advanced Swarmers often attacked enemy fleets in groups and relentlessly fired upon helpless vessels with their rapid firepower while maintaining high speeds. However, they possessed greater armor and normally traveled in groups of 3 as opposed to 12. They also have noticeably larger engines and four Projectile Cannons as opposed to 2. These craft are also bulkier and have two engine spikes while the original has one.

The Advanced Swarmer suffers from the similar fuel limitations as the Light-Swarmer, but features slightly higher fuel efficiency. They still must rely on Fuel Pods to ensure that they survive on the battlefield.

When the Kushan fleet was pulled out of hyperspace after trying to flee the Great Nebula, the Kadeshi Ambassador piloted one of these Swarmers and once again offered the Kushan to join them in the nebula. The Kushan refused, insisting that they had to reach their homeworld, and even encouraged the Kadeshi to join them. The Kadeshi response:

"You will fail. The evil that drove us here will find and destroy you. From you, they will know of us and come here! This cannot come to pass." — Kadeshi Ambassador

With that, the Kadeshi launched their attack, using greater numbers of Advanced Swarmers. Despite the losses they inflicted on the Kushan, the Kadeshi were eventually defeated and possibly exterminated by the Kushan, forcing any survivors to retreat.

After this battle, the Advanced Swarmers were never seen again.


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