Ambassador Corvette
Ambassador Corvette
Ship Information
Ship Type
Technical Information
750 tons
31.2 metres
160 m/s2
520 m/s

The Ambassador Corvette was a modified Heavy Corvette. It isn't known what exact changes were made, except that all weapons were removed, and its paintjob was completely white instead of the color scheme assigned to the rest of the fleet. It is also unknown how many Ambassadors were constructed, but most likely it was only one ship.

History Edit

The Ambassador Corvette was used twice during the Kushan return to their Homeworld. When the Kushan encountered the Bentusi, the corvette made first contact and transported the exchange unit from the Bentusi Exchange that was given as a traditional gesture to the Kushan Mothership. The second time the ship appeared, it lead unsuccessful negotiations with the Kadeshi after the Kushan fleet trespassed within the holy Garden of Kadesh.

Trivia Edit

  • In the two first contact situations, one ending in a long-lasting friendship, the other in hostility, the Ambassador never came under fire by any units, probably making it the only unit in the Kushan fleet to be spared from any form of attacks during the journey to Hiigara.
  • Also the ambassador corvette had green exhaust trails, unlike the normal Heavy Corvette which had white yellow colored trails.
  • It is possible that the Ambassador Corvette was the original, and the Hammer was a combat-capable variant. This is supported by the fact that the Salvage Corvette uses the same base chassis, despite being developed at the beginning of the game.
  • If the single player campaign is played as the Taiidan, an Ambassador Corvette styled in the same way (a weapon stripped white heavy corvette) is used throughout.



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