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Arbiter Kinetic Burst Cannon
Production information
Technical specifications
Reload time

5 seconds

Effective range


Affiliated with


Arbiter Kinetic Burst Cannon is a heavy, long range Kinetic Gun, the secondary weapon of the Battlecruiser. It is second to none at range, with 6000 meters it could destroy fighters, corvettes or heavily damage frigates long before they would be able to take their first shots at a Battlecruiser. Each ship carried four two barrel turrets, which gave it excellent coverage. The only point where Arbiters couldn't reach enemy units was behind the ship; every other location was covered at least by one turret giving 2 powerful shots every 5 seconds. However enemy strike craft attempting to approach from a forward arc met on average 1 bullet per 1.6 second, and each of them could easily tear a Vaygr Fighter-class unit into pieces. Another important role of the Arbiters is support for Heavy Ion Cannon Turrets. When enemy ships somehow managed to survive powerful impact of four ion beams, in many cases, Arbiters made the final critical hit, destroying their target without the need for the ion cannons to recharge.

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