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Armored Assault Vehicle
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Technical Information
30 metres
85 m/s

The Armored Assault Vehicle was a heavy assault desert vehicle designed by Kiith Soban and used by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid during Operation Khadiim. They were effective against light attack vehicles and could deploy smoke screens. The "Phalanx" class utilized during Operation Khadiim were operated by a crew of 5.

For veterans of the original Homeworld series considering tactics for this unit, consider this one like an anti-fighter Frigate.

A small number of these can absolutely shred groups of Strike Craft, but Railgun-type units can in turn do crippling damage to them which is where their Smoke Screen ability comes into play. If some of your Armored Assault Vehicles get attacked by a mixed force of strike craft and Railguns and you do not have LAVs of your own nearby to deal with the Railguns, use the Smokescreen to break the line of sight of the Railguns so they can't fire on you. This will give your AAVs time to destroy the enemy strike craft while you bring LAVs up to take out the railguns. If an AAV does manage to get into range of a Railgun it can do notable damage to it but without support the AAV will be destroyed long before it gets into range.

Trivia Edit

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