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Artificial intelligence (short: AI) is the part of computer science aiming to create computer programming that allows computers and robots to solve problems by themselves and possibly even achieve intelligence. Artificial intelligence allows computers and robots to replace people to complete tasks that are in conditions that are unsafe or dangerous for humans.



The Kushan attempted to use artificial intelligence initially for mothership control, yet they weren't capable of creating a system that was 100% trustworthy. The computational algorithms they possessed simply were not advanced enough to handle the massive amount of data constantly streaming in from sensors, ships in the fleet, the status of the Cryo Trays, and thousands of other data signatures. However, later on the Kushan developed the Drone Frigate, which proved its usefulness on the battlefield when the frigate's 24 drones had to fight against Kadeshi Swarmers. After assisting in successfully thwarting several Kadeshi hordes, Kushan AI proved itself to be very adapt and useful in battle. Later on, during the Cataclysm Era, Kiith Somtaaw commonly used AI controlled Microships, including swarmers fielded by hive frigates. Kiith Soomtaw developed the swarmer with the Kadeshi's own attack craft. Kiith Soomataw also used Microships as defenders, saboteurs, and repair bots. During the Homeworld 2 Era, Vaygr platforms were AI controlled weapons.

Mover-AI Core

The Mover's AI photoreceptors.

However, it is known that the most advanced AI systems were possessed by the ancient races. For example, the mysterious, millions of years old Ghost Ship was capable of remotely taking over Capital Ships that wandered near it by controlling their electronics. The Progenitors were a race that mastered artificial intelligence. They created units that remained active until the Homeworld 2 Era thanks to AI. For example, the Junkyard Dog, an ancient corvette that guarded the Karos Graveyard, was AI controlled. They also created the Keepers, which were efficient combat vessels that threatened both strike craft and capital ships. They were also capable of building Progenitor Drone fighters, making hyperspace jumps, operating in guardian roles, send communications to ships they encountered, and even cooperate with one another. The Progenitors also developed devices capable of communicating amongst themselves. For example, the Oracle and Karos Lighthouse.

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