This is the article on the Vaygr frigate. If you are looking for the article on the similar Hiigaran frigate, see Flak Frigate. For other uses, see Assault Frigate

Assault Frigate
Vaygr Assault Frigate
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
650 RUs
Technical Information
161 m/s
1 Concussion Missile Launcher
3 Flechette Cannons

The Assault Frigate is the Vaygr counterpart to the Hiigaran Flak Frigate.

Background Edit

It is armed with three double-barreled anti-fighter flechette cannons that fire conventional kinetic rounds and a single concussion missile battery. A single Assault Frigate is not as effective against masses of fighters as compared to the Flak Frigate. However, in groups, they pose a serious threat to fighters, corvettes and even other frigates.

The one aspect of Assault Frigates that some commanders prefer over Flak Frigates is that they kill fighters outright rather than slowly damage a whole squadron. This means that Flak Frigates, while dealing out more damage overall, effectively leaves more fighters alive for longer periods of time. This allows the fighters to continue attacking, which can be a costly mistake in a pitched battle involving Battlecruisers and multiple Strike Craft, as the Strike Craft can disengage and dock with the Battlecruiser for repair and return to the battle repaired and replenished. Assault Frigates, however, may be able to obliterate a fighter attack before the fighters even begin firing if the frigates are in large enough numbers. In limited groups or against Capital Ships, however, Assault Craft are better anti-fighter alternatives, given their high speed, large numbers and better resistance to capital ship class weaponry.

Assault Frigates, like all Vaygr Frigates, share a basic chassis and therefore share upgrades. However, Assault Frigate technology must be researched before the frigate itself can be built.

Appearances Edit

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