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Attack Bomber


Thunderbolt Bomber

Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
85 RUs
Technical Information
750 m/s
2 x Plasma Bomb launcher

The Attack Bomber is an anti-Capital Ship class fighter designed by the Kushan to counter enemy Capital Ships.

Background Edit

A wide variety of bomber designs were long used by various factions of the galaxy for attacking Capital Ships. Each bomber used one or more Plasma Bomb Launchers, which uses superheated plasma as its main weapon. The energy requirements of inducing such energetic plasma leaves little room for any other abilities – the worst of these being a loss of maneuverability and speed. Such a compromise makes these bombers the first target of enemy strike craft because of its function and lack of mobility. In acknowledgement of such vulnerabilities, any bomber squadron should always be deployed with a second escort wing of Scouts or Interceptors, and should never be used as a front attack wing to enter a dogfight. The bombers weapon also recharges at a fair rate, 1 to 2 plasma bombs can be shot out every second.

Though slower than a mass driver's projectiles, a single plasma bomb is several times more powerful – and so it is less effective against strike craft but far more effective for attacking bigger ships, such as frigates and capital ships. When the Kushan first researched this weapon in the Great Wastelands, they adopted the design and used it, only changing the chassis to fit the pre-designed Kushan Interceptor designs.

The initial cannon design also came from a captured Assault Frigate left over from the Burning of Kharak. Kudaarks not only carried the mass driver turrets but twin plasma bomb launchers as well, this weapon platform would be the base design for the Kushan to invent the Thunderbolt.

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