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Attack Carrier
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Fleet Command
Ship Type
RU Cost
3200 RUs
Technical Information
109,000 tons
738.8 metres
35 m/s2
235 m/s
2 Large Ion Cannons
10 Hull Defence Guns

The Attack Carrier is the mainstray Super Capital Ship used by the Turanic Raiders.

Background Edit

A large and powerful vessel, they served two roles in Turanic Fleets: Strike craft carrier and capital starship on par with destroyers. The distinctive profile of these ships made it recognizable to any commander and, like most Turanic ships, is very utilitarian. It sports a basic rectangular/octagonal hull with a large power generator and engine protruding from the bottom and a high bridge with multiple sensor arrays on top, giving the captain a good field of view.

Unlike most carriers, it is able to defend itself well against all but the heaviest enemy ships due to its thick armor, redundant operating systems, and the best weaponry ever mounted on a carrier. These included as many as ten rapid fire Point Defense Guns for dealing with corvettes and fighters, and two large Ion Cannons for dealing with frigates and capital ships. In the rear of the ship was the entrance to the hangar bay, allowing fighters to be safely launched even while it is bringing its heavy weapons to bear.

While these ships would be excellent on the offensive, most Turanic fleets use them as last resort weapons due to the cost of constructing one of these essential ships.

Appearances Edit

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