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Auto Gun
Karos Autogun
Ship Information
Graveyard Protectors
Ship Type
Technical Information
1 Mass Driver

Auto Guns are small platform ships that were encountered in the Karos Graveyard during the Homeworld Era.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the Auto Guns were to protect the derelicts of the Graveyard. They had no sensing capabilities themselves, so relied on Proximity Sensors to detect enemy vessels.

Design Edit

Due to the presence of numerous Taiidan Proximity Sensors within the graveyard, the guns may have been placed there by the Empire after the Hiigarans were exiled, but the ship's design bares closer resemblance to the Progenitors. However, it is unknown who created the guns or who placed them within the graveyard.

There are two variations of the mass driver unit used within the auto gun: some guns fired rapid bullets at their target, decimating enemy fleets. However, some guns fired single shots every so often, which did little damage to the target. The former was more prevalent within the graveyard and did the most damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The game categorises the auto gun as a frigate class vessel.

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