This is the article on the location. If you are looking for the article on the mission taking place at the location, see HW2 Campaign: Balcora Gate.
Balcora Gate

The Gate of Balcora

"This is the Gate of Balcora, path to Sajuuk" — Fleet Command in Homeworld 2

Balcora Gate was a Progenitor hyperspace gate located on the edge of the gravity well created by the black hole cluster in the centre of the Galaxy.

Background Edit

The Balcora Gate was built from three power subsystems surrounding a ring. When the gate is opened the power subsystems fire blue energy beam into the channel leading around the external surface of the rotating ring. This channel fills with energy, after which similar but much smaller energy streams surround the internal part of ring. When any object jumps through the Gate this part becomes covered with a glow of blue energy and creates white wisps coming through the ring.

The only object known to be able to activate the Balcora Gate was a Progenitor Dreadnaught. Makaan and the Hiigarans used their Dreadnaughts to activate the Balcora Gate and jump to the location of Sajuuk. The Balcora Gate was big enough for the Pride of Hiigara to jump through it.

Appearances Edit

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