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The Battle of Vorshan's Rift (9510 GSY) was an important battle of the Taiidan Civil War. It severely crippled the Taiidan Rebellion Fleet, and left the returning Exiles as the sole effective opponent of the Taiidan Imperial Fleet.

As word of the Kharakian Genocide began to spread, Emperor Riesstiu IV the Second steadily lost his hold over the Empire's worlds. The disgust felt by the majority of the Empire's population dramatically increased sympathy towards the Rebellion, and it consequently gained in strength. The Rebellion Fleet and Imperial Fleet fought a series of skirmishes, during which a high ranking rebel officer defected to the Empire. This defector then led the Rebellion Fleet into a trap at Vorshan's Rift. The Rebellion found themselves greatly outnumbered, and were annihilated. Rebel casualties were as high as 65%.

Among those few that managed to escape the massacre was Group Captain Elson and his destroyer's surviving escorts. Elson managed to get the coordinates of the Exile Fleet, and reached the Kushan Mothership during the Battle of Ahva'Silumiin. Later, remaining Rebellion forces assisted the Exiles in an all-or-nothing attack on Hiigara.

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