This is the article on the Vaygr battlecruiser. If you are looking for the article on the similar Hiigaran vessel, see Battlecruiser.



Vaygr battlecruiser

Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
4000 RUs
Technical Information
69 m/s
1 Trinity Cannon
1 Fusion Missile Launcher
4 Laser Turrets
5 Hull Defence Guns

The Battlecruiser is the heaviest ship in the Vaygr navy. Armed with eight heavy Fusion Missile Tubes and a Trinity Cannon, it is able to destroy Capital Ships with ease.

The battlecruiser possesses five fast-firing kinetic guns as anti-fighter defense and several Laser defense guns as anti-corvette weapons. Even so, these defenses are little more than token weapons and should not be relied upon to defend against anything but the lightest of strike craft harassment. The Battlecruiser's most powerful weapon is the triple-barreled Trinity Cannon. Taking up a large amount of the cruiser's internal space, this mighty energy weapon can only fire straight forward, and its long reload time make it usable only as first-strike weapon in some engagements, but a single burst can deal heavy damage even to the most well-armored capital ships. However, without this cannon's firepower a Vaygr Battlecruiser is unable to severely harm its Hiigaran counterpart, and clever Hiigaran captains could take advantage of this by maneuvering "above" the Vaygr ship, using their turreted weapons to deal heavy damage while receiving little in return. Worse, if the Vaygr battlecruiser's engines are disabled by fighters, it will be unable to maneuver to aim its Trinity Cannon, thus rendering it nearly helpless.

Overall, compared to its Hiigaran counterpart the Vaygr battlecruiser is extremely effective against heavy single targets. Most of its firepower comes from the Trinity Cannon, which unlike the Hiigaran battlecruiser's heavy turrets can't be disabled. However, this also means that the Vagyr battlecruiser is extremely vulnerable to being outmaneuvered as mentioned above, and against groups of smaller ships like Frigates. When firing on a frigate much of its firepower is wasted; the frigate may be destroyed very early in the volley of fire, such as from the first of the three Trinity Cannon shots, but the Vagyr battlecruiser can't redirect the rest of the volley elsewhere if that target is destroyed early. It must be supported by smaller craft to avoid being swarmed.

The Battlecruiser can support nearby units with a small hangar bay for strike craft, allowing it to support its own escort when no carrier is available. The cruiser also features two modular subsystem slots, which can be outfitted with a Hyperspace Module, Hyperspace Inhibitor, Cloak Generator, or Fire Control Tower.

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