The Beast War was a major interstellar conflict that occurred in 15 AHL after the new Hiigarans encountered a deadly, bio-mechanical menace known only as "The Beast", a virulent virus whose spread across the galaxy necessitated the intervention of the emerging Kiith Somtaaw.


The Beast War began when Kiith Somtaaw, who were in the Hiigaran System Outskirts to rescue a Maanani destroyer codenamed "Bushan-Re" picked up a distress beacon and brought it aboard their vessel, the Kuun-Lan, for further analysis. While the Clee-San representatives were analyzing it, it spread all across the lower decks, infecting all of them and causing Fleet Command to begin emergency procedures to separate the infected part of the ship. Unfortunately the jettisoned part became fully infected, became sentient of its own, and started terrorizing the galaxy.

As the situation is deemed dangerous enough, it is discovered that the Taiidan Imperialist struck the deal with the Beast. As the fallen empire help the abomination to "claim the food", they were promised to gain control of the remaining of the galaxy. However, both parties could not bring themselves to trust the other, as plans was being brewed by both sides to annihilate the other party.

Through scratches and wounds, the Kuun-Lan managed not only to survive, but also scavenged every bits and parts required to ultimately destroy the Beast, namely the Siege Cannon, the infection vaccine and other technologies as well. Assistance also comes both from allies and others parties as well.

Other factions also prepared for the offensive. One example is the Taiidan Republic that in the process of bringing their powerful weapon on line. However, the Beast managed to discover its existence and quickly consume it as its own. The event would be the opening of the final act of the Beast.

After the great battle with many party shows its true color, the Beast, in the shape of Naggarok, was finally defeated. The Kuun-Lan quickly share their knowledge to all of their allies and the remaining of the beast, now weakened and less coordinated, was easily "cured" from the galaxy.

Preceded by:
Homeworld War
Major Galactic Conflicts
15 - 16 AHL
Succeeded by:
Vaygr War

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