Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
Technical Information
26,000 tons
308.4 metres
2 Ion Cannons
2 Energy Cannons

The Bushan-Re was a Kiith Manaan Destroyer stationed on the outskirts of the Hiigara System as of 15 AHL. In that year, the Bushan-Re was ambushed and damaged during a Taiidan Imperialist incursion into Hiigaran space, resulting in a power plant failure that left the vessel drifting in contested territory. Kiith Manaan requested the assistance of Kiith Somtaaw to locate and repair the Bushan-Re before further incursions took place.

Kiith Somtaaw arrived to find the crippled Bushan-Re drifting towards an asteroid belt, with a force of Turanic Raiders on the course to intercept. Somtaaw fighters moved in to ward off the attacking force while the Kuun-Lan and its escorts saw to the repairs of the Bushan-Re. During repairs, a task force of Support Frigates arrived to extend aid to the Bushan-Re, but these instead proved to be disguised Turanic Raider ships using a holographic disguise to get close to the vessel. This attack was quickly thwarted and the Somtaaw quickly routed the remaining Raiders as they completed repairs on the stricken destroyer.

During the rescue operation, the Bushan-Re and the Somtaaw detected a distress beacon from an unidentified derelict of unknown origin on the edge of the Hiigara System. Somtaaw requested the Bushan-Re's assistance in its recovery before the Turanic Raiders could intercept, but the destroyer was deemed combat ineffective and instead elected to withdraw from the area, leaving the Somtaaw to lead the recovery alone.

Appearances Edit

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