Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
2000 RUs
Technical Information
121,000 tons
453.9 metres
40 m/s2
300 m/s
4 Projectile Cannons

The Caal-Shto is a Kiith Manaan Carrier that was active in the new Hiigaran Navy in the year 15 AHL.



The Infected Caal-Shto

In 15 AHL, the Caal-Shto and her task force received a distress call from the Bentusi Exchange when one of their Tradeships fell prey to what was assumed to be a force of Turanic Raiders. The Caal-Shto quickly responded and jumped to the Aiowa System to assist, just as the Kiith Somtaaw arrived aboard the Kuun-Lan. As the Caal-Shto began deploying Interceptors and Multi-Gun Corvettes to ward off the Raiders, the Somtaaw warned their fellow Kiith of the true threat they faced, that the Raider ships had come under the control of an unknown entity dubbed "The Beast". The Caal-Shto and her escorts maintain maximum distance while their fighter wings assisted the Somtaaw in warding off the attacking Beast-controlled vessels.

As the Caal-Shto and her fleet moved in to engage the enemy, a subverted Heavy Cruiser arrived and attempted to infect the Bentusi Exchange, prompting the Bentusi to self-destruct rather than let themselves be consumed. The blast destroyed most of the Beast force and severely damages the Beast cruiser, but it also wipes out the intervening Kiith Manaan forces. The Caal-Shto survives but is critically damaged and was left without a functioning navigation system, weapons, or hyperdrive. Life support systems were also failing. With the carrier rendered defenseless, the Kuun-Lan assisted it through the Kadiir Nebula, past a heavily defended imperialist Taiidan research base. The Kuun-Lan and the Caal-Shto eventually made it though the nebula to a slipgate, and the Caal-Shto promised to bring in the warrior Kiithid to "hunt this infestation down".

Later, after venturing into the Koreth's Rift Sector, the Kuun-Lan fell under attack by Imperial Taiidan forces called in by the Turanic Raiders after the Kuun-Lan salvaged the Siege Cannon that they were after. In the thick of battle, the Kuun-Lan detects the Caal-Shto's hyperspace signature in an asteroid pocket far from the fighting. The Caal-Shto requests them to "come to us".

When Somtaaw Fleet Intelligence warned the Caal-Shto that the Turanic Raiders have changed course to intercept it, it replied "They come. Good." When the Raiders arrived, the Somtaaw realized that the Caal-Shto had been subverted by the Beast. Shortly after, the reformed lower deck section of the Kuun-Lan, now forming a Beast Mothership arrived.

The ultimate fate of the Caal-Shto is not clear, but it likely met its end at the hands of the Hiigaran warrior Kiithid after the destruction of the Naggarok and its other 'children'.

Appearances Edit

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