Captain Soban
Character Information
Date of Birth
Before 115 AHL
Physical Description
Hair Colour

Captain Soban was the commander of the Ferin Sha fleet during the Vaygr War.

When the Pride of Hiigara is forced to perform an emergency hyperspace jump moments before the complete destruction of Tanis Station, the fleet had to rendezvous with the Bishop convoy; they were carrying most if not all of the Mothership's crew complement. When they fell under attack by the Vaygr, Captain Soban came to their aid with several frigates from the Ferin Sha fleet. Ordering all Sobani to attack the Vaygr forces, he heroically saved the transports and directed the Pride to run as far away from Hiigara as possible.

After this battle, Captain Soban went on a search for information about the Vaygr battle plans in an attempt to find a weak spot. He discovered vital information but he was discovered and pursued by a large Vaygr fleet. Fortunately he managed to send a tracking beacon to the Pride of Hiigara before being captured. Realizing that Captain Soban could be forced to reveal critical information to the Vaygr if he were to be tortured and interrogated, Fleet Command orders Karan and her fleet to jump to the Vaygr Command Base at Thaddis Sabbah. During the battle the Mothership Fleet managed to destroy all the construction facilities in the vicinity. Captain Soban was rescued and given a new ship. Before his rescue, he managed to stage a critical overload in the command base reactor, destroying the entire facility.

Captain Soban is a member of the Kiith Soban.