This is the article on the unique Carrier of the Coalition. If you are looking for the article on Carrier's in previous games, see Carrier.

Ship Information
Fleet Command
Vehicle Construction
Desert Exploration
Technical Information
125,000 tons
568 metres
60 kph m/s
16 50.5 main HCR cannons
24 VRF Anti-Air batteries
28 automated MLR positions

The Carrier is a type of land vehicle built by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid and utilized during Operation Khadiim.

Overview Edit

The Sakala-class Deep Carriers are fully combat-capable vessels built by the Coalition for desert exploration and combat. Designed by Kiith S'jet, they were equipped with production facilities for support vehicles, as well as a control center for flight operations. Based on the previous Ifriit-class Heavy Carrier, primary improvements were made toward the carrier's ability to conduct deep desert exploration. Five carriers were built by 1110 KDS (Sakala, Kapisi, Fiiskire, Akalon and Amida) with additional eight more planned.

The first of her class, the Kiith Siidim-sponsored Sakala, left the Hraal Industrial Works shipyards at Tiir on 1109 KDS. The construction of Kiith S'jet-sponsored Kapisi was started on 1107 KDS and completed on 1109 KDS, six months after the Sakala. By the time Kapisi exited the yards, Sakala had been participating in combat operations nearly non-stop due to Gaalsien raiders.

All five carriers were allocated for Operation Khadiim and preparations were underway to launch them when forces of Kiith Gaalsien attacked. Only Sakala and Kapisi survived the initial attacks, with Kapisi escaping from Epsilon Base and Sakala from Juno Base.

Later on, when the Siidim betrayed the Coalition, the Sakala attempted to destroy the Kapisi, but it failed and it was destroyed instead, with all hands lost.

Capabilities Edit

Coalition carriers form the core of any expeditionary force. They construct vehicles, conduct repairs, and even supply support and self-defense fire in combat. A unique capability of the carrier is its "power shunting" ability. Power can be diverted to different systems to make them more efficient and work faster.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Expedition Guide, Section 6 refers it as a Sakala-class Deep Desert Carrier while Section 7 refers it as Sakala-class Command/Exploration Carrier.[1]
  • According to the journal entries of Rachel S'jet, she believes that Kiith Siidim rushed the completion of the Sakala in order to secure the class name away from Kiith S'jet's Kapisi.

References Edit

  1. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Expedition Guide

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