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Ship Information
Ship Construction
Resource Dropoff
RU Cost
3400 RUs
Technical Information
129,000 tons
40 m/s2
265 m/s
4 Medium Mass Drivers
4 Energy Cannons (upgrade)

The Carrier is a Super Capital Ship designed to expand fleet size by allowing more Support Modules to be built, up to 6 each. It was only seen in the employ of Kiith Somtaaw.

Background Edit

Shamans were designed before times of battle as support for Somtaaw command ships. While these huge units were moving forward, Carriers were normally assigned to stay with several Workers to finish the mining of remaining asteroids. However, when times of war began, the Shamans were forced onto the battlefield. Thanks to their durable design and their Sentinel escorts, they could survive an attack from multiple frigates, and were capable of striking back with Energy Cannons if upgraded for battle. Their four smaller turrets won't do much against capital ships but can definitely assist against Strike Craft. Like most carriers, they could build both strike craft and frigates. Its primary docking bay could survive several direct hits from Ion Cannons. It also possesses two resource dropoff pads for Workers and a Crystal Processing Beam.

Compared to the Beast Carrier, however, it is unfortunately outclassed in every known way. An infected Carrier does not need to build support modules, with all of its potential support is instantly available the moment it is built. It also includes a Beast Infect Weapon, which dramatically increases its lethality in combat. Also, the Beast Carrier requires less RUs and time to build and despite the techno-organic layering, is still faster moving. Still, the Shaman is a vital addition to any Somtaaw fleet.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Homeworld: Cataclysm manual, it is referred to as a Shaman-class Carrier.[1]
  • Somtaaw Carriers can have one of the following names: Shuus-Nan, Phuur-Nana, Thuuw-Nan, Morrh-Re, Ruun-Aald, Shin-Clah, Baar-Ett, Gaar-Balhi, Vhenk-Maan, Maal-Nitz, Feng-Yuun, Thul-Lee, Mholah-Ri, Veer-Kah, Eh-Ghoan and Drun-Kyori.[2]

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References Edit

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