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Cloak Generators are used tactically to cloak other ships. The technology on a smaller scale was used in the Kushan Cloaked Fighter during the Homeworld War. By the Vaygr War, the technology had become a capital ship subsystem.

The first known Cloak Generators were developed by the Kushan and Taiidan Empires. Unlike the self-destructing Gravity Generator, the Cloak Generator was rechargable and did not explode when it ran out, allowing indefinite cloaking.

Trivia Edit

  • The rechargable nature of Cloak Generators in Homeworld makes it possible to create an indefinite cloaking field. However, to do this, 3 generators are needed.
    • Method: Simply set 3 generators to guard a specified ship (this is best used on the Super Capital Ships), then enable the cloaking field of one of the generators. Just before it runs out, enable the field on the second field, which will keep the ship cloaked while the first is recharging. Just before the second field depletes, enable the final generator. This will mean that your ship will continue to be cloaked indefinitely, as the fields will be re-enabled when they reach full charge.
  • Cloak Generators can be difficult to capture and may result in the loss of Salvage Corvettes when attempting, but it is possible to capture the devices. The only chance that you will get to capture such devices is during Bridge of Sighs, as the Taiidan Empire does not use them in any other mission.

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