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Cloaked Fighter



Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
85 RUs
Technical Information
40 tons
15.4 metres
975 m/s2
775 m/s
3 Small Projectile Cannons
Cloak Generator

The Cloaked Fighter is a fighter based on the Taiidan Cloak Generator encountered during an ambush in the Galactic Core.

Background Edit

This fighter relies on the element of surprise rather than initial firepower, armor, or speed. The chassis of the fighter, heavily modified to fit the cloaking generator, is based on the standard Kushan fighter chassis used for fighters ranging from Interceptors to Defenders.

Using light-curving energy fields the cloaking device literally "flips" the image of the background scenery to fold onto the ship's hull, producing a sort of inside-out image. What light would normally hit the ship instead shoots out from the opposite side, giving the illusion, with only the faintest distortion in sharpness, that the fighter is not really there. Unfortunately the pilot must drop the cloaking field to fire as the field is not strong enough to wrap the same illusion around the fast-moving fire and during this point he is particularly vulnerable.

It was also rumored that the cloaking field and constant exposure to it has a destabilizing effect upon pilots. It was known that many of these pilots are somewhat eccentric and several of them, who have lost loved ones in battle, call themselves "the Invisibles" and see themselves as spirits of vengeance, going so far as to unnecessarily track enemy ships down or destroy vessels that have already surrendered.

Some Invisibles even believe that the cloaking field lets them see into the dark spaces between stars and there are yet unproven rumors of dark rituals in unused launch bays. Despite all this controversy and the bad name that flows around the Spectre, it is ultimately an extremely useful craft and remains one of the most important parts of the Kushan fleet.

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