Command Corvette
Command Corvette
Ship Information
Improves damage caused by Vaygr vessels
Ship Type
Non-Combat Ship / Corvette
RU Cost
400 RUs
Technical Information
215 m/s

The Command Corvette was a unique Vaygr corvette used to support nearby units.

Background Edit

Compared to other Vaygr corvettes, this ship had 50% more armor, and a better sensor range. It was filled with sophisticated fire control and sensor arrays that made it one of the most costly Vaygr corvettes to build. It was unarmed, but this unit wasn't designed for combat. Crewed by high ranking officers and favorites of a warlord and equipped with large unfolding antennae, together with on-board fire control systems, this unit could improve accuracy and coordinate the attacks of all nearby units. In essence, it acts as a highly mobile fire control tower that can be found on many command ships, carriers, and Battlecruisers.

In a typical striking force, some may find one or two Command Corvettes positioning behind the main battle line, yet close enough to have friendly units in communication range. Another tactic involves setting Command Corvettes to follow squadrons of Missile and Laser Corvettes right into battle. This tactic allows a Command Corvette to blend in with a corvette swarm and making it much harder to target individually in the midst of a battle.

Thanks to the efforts of these ships and their crew, Vaygr ships can fight much more efficiently than their enemies, which is especially useful in attacks against enemy interceptors, when accuracy counts most. When attacked, Command Corvettes usually retreat, and thanks to heavy armor they can sustain attacks for long enough to move out of fire range, or call for support from friendly units.

Appearances Edit

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