Vaygr Prison Station Hub

The Command Station is a special strategic station used by the Vaygr, which filled the role of reconnaissance and communications. Only two such ships have been seen and only one was given a name.

Background Edit

The station first appeared in the Gehenna Outskirts, when the Hiigaran fleet was attempting to reach the Oracle. Having no weapons, it was basically a target practice for most of the ships, but the lack of weapons was substituted by reinforced armor, improved regeneration and a communications facility located below the vessel. However, these stations were always protected by a heavy fleet.

The station went unseen, until Captain Soban was captured by the Vaygr for interrogation purposes. He was taken to one of the named stations known as Thaddis Sabbah. For unknown reasons, this station was an extremely valuable asset to the Vaygr, evidenced by the massive fleet present to guard it, which also included parts of Makaan's Elite Guard. Unfortunately, this station was destroyed as the Hiigaran fleet was forced to capture it to rescue Soban, who let his explosive devices destroy the station.


Possesing no visible weapons, it is possible, that these stations provided almost the same purpose as production ships: ship docking, repairing etc. Also, its Communications Facility could allow the station to monitor hyperspace activity, detect cloaked ships, as well as increasing the sensor range. The station's armor was that of Capital Ships: ships like Interceptors did little damage, while Bombers and Ion Cannon Frigates dealt damage like to most Capital Ships.

Appearances Edit

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