RC breeze

Concept arts are sometimes very basic sketches

Concept art is the illustration, or 3D graphic used for visual representation of ideas, such as ship designs or mission concepts, before they are put to final product. Term Concept art is used since 1930's when it was to describe images illustrating, look, design, climate of animated movie scenes or objects. Concepts arts of ships when accepted are used for creation of concept 3D model, sometimes corrected at this stage, and later used as additional reference for final, fully textured model. Concept arts ranges from basic sketch up to photorealistic painting.

RC 00-01 revised shots

Typical storyboard

Storyboards were the sequences of static images with additional comments giving greater feel on how final animation should look like. First storyboards were used by Walt Disney studio in 1930's. First complete storyboards were created in 1933 for animated movie Three Little Pigs. In 1940's storyboards become standard medium of visualisation. In Homeworld series they were used to create concepts of cinematics between missions.

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Some concept arts were almost photorealistic

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