Concussion Missile Laucher
Production information
Technical specifications
Reload time

7 seconds

Effective range


Affiliated with


A Concussion Missile Launcher launches lower-class missiles intended to shoot down strike craft, although they are weaker than the heavy missile they are much faster than the speed of a fighter-class vessel and can keep bombers/interceptors pinned down. The Concussion Missile Launcher is widely used by Vagyr fleets to shoot down bombers or minelayer corvettes before they manage to become any real threat

There are 4 Vaygr ships using Concussion Missile Lauchers - the Assault Frigate, Missile Corvette (Vaygr), Infiltrator Frigate and Heavy Missile Frigate. Assault Frigates used the missiles as support for its Flechette Cannons which were not good enough in attacking corvettes. Concussion Missiles proved to be ideal support weapons even more when so when Frigates were attacked from behind, where the cannons couldn't reach the target. Infiltrator Frigates used it as their primary defense weapon against incoming bombers when they were dropping Infiltrator Pods towards enemy ships. For Heavy Missile Frigates it was the only weapon capable of destroying enemy strike craft making it more a more well rounded vessel.


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