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Cryogenic pods in buffer fluid

Cryogenic pod (short: Cryonic Pod or Cryo Pod) was single device designed to freeze one person in cryogenic suspension. Each Cryo Pod contained all equipment necessary to both put person into cryogenic sleep, and wake it up from it. Sophisticated temperature control devices were also necessary as even single degree aberration could cause death of the sleeper. To reduce the issues with the water in a person's body crystallizing during the freeze and shredding cell membranes in the body, the amount of water in the subject's body was carefully reduced by a set amount during the freezing, and were restored when a subject was awoken. Life support and monitoring systems were also included.

Each person going to fall in cryogenic suspension was put in Cryo Pod and slowly frozen in time of two weeks. Later they were put in Rack Modules being storage of 100 Cryo Pods separated from each other with buffer fluid. That liquid substance was last life support in case of power failure on all systems. It could hold temperature for a time of six months, allowing repair teams to fix the power grid. Each person being put into a cryo pod had to meet criteria of age and health. For people younger than 17 years or older then 50 years the freezing process was too great risk and therefore they were rejected to join the Kushan Mothership.

Cryogenic pods

Opened Cyro Pods on Hiigara

The first successful experimental freeze was made in 1185 KDS when Rei Magann was put in a cryogenic pod and sent into a six month journey through the Kharak system. The experiment was successful, the pilot did not consume any life-support elements nor did he awaken. After that 600,000 Cryo Pods become filled with volunteers.

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