Cape Wrath
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Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Locate the Sakala
Bring the Kapisi Deeper into Hell's Gate
Protect Rachel S'jet's Baserunner
Destroy the Gaalsien Production Cruiser
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Cape Wrath is the third mission in the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak campaign. Rachel S'Jet investigates the wreck of a Coalition carrier buried in the sand.

Overview Edit

Rachel S'jet follows a weak signal coming from within Hell's Gate. It's revealed to be the wreck of the Carrier Ifriit-Naabal, from a previous Coalition expedition.

As Rachel investigates the interior of the wrecked Carrier, Gaalsien attack forces arrive and attempt to destroy Rachel and her escorts. After fighting off the Gaalsien forces, Rachel returns to the Kapisi and installs a sensor artifact recovered from the Ifriit-Naabal. This allows the Kapisi's sensors to compensate for the storm's interference and identify a nearby Gaalsien Production Cruiser.

The Kapisi also identifies several derelict Coalition Railguns. Repair them and use them to assist in eliminating the hostile Production Cruiser.

Objectives Edit

  • Locate the Sakala
  • Bring the Kapisi Deeper into Hell's Gate
  • Upgrade Armored Assault Fabrication
  • Protect Rachel S'jet's Baserunner
  • Upgrade Support Cruiser Fabrication
  • Destroy the Gaalsien Production Cruiser
  • Upgrade Railgun Fabrication
  • Repair Derelict Railguns
  • Destroy Gaalsien Ranged Craft

Research Edit

  • Upgrade Armored Assault Fabrication
  • Upgrade Support Cruiser Fabrication
  • Upgrade Railgun Fabrication

Artifacts Edit

  • Sensor Waveform Amplifier

Strategy Edit

You want to bring the Kapisi as far as possible to the signal sight and there's only one real path that it can move, so just get the Kapisi along the path while defending against light attacks and collecting a couple of resource pockets. Repair as many of the derelict Railgun units as you can as you go, you'll need the firepower.

Once the sensor artifact is installed and you detect the production cruiser the Kapisi won't be able to get to it through the dunes, so send a mixed force of LAVs, AAVs and Railguns to take out the Cruiser. The Railguns will make short work of it and you win the instant it is destroyed.

Trivia Edit

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