The Boneyard
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Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Repair Mothballed Units
Assist Coalition Survivors
Defend the Kapisi
Destroy the Remaining Gaalsien Forces
Mission Navigation

The Boneyard is the second mission in the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak campaign. After escaping Epsilon Base, the Kapisi arrives at a S'jet Salvage Depot to complete systems installation and acquire more units for its' fleet.

Overview Edit

With its sensor module installed, Kapisi directs Rachel to re-activate nearby mothballed units. Salvagers are to collect any available resources in the area. Gaalsien forces soon arrive at the Boneyard to harass Coalition forces.

Friendly Armored Assault Vehicles are inbound and pursued by hostile Gaalsien forces. Defend them and eliminate their pursuers. Defend the Kapisi at all costs.

Objectives Edit

  • Use the Salvagers to Gather CU's
  • Repair Mothballed Units
  • Assist Coalition Survivors
  • Use the Armored Assault Vehicle's Smoke Grenade Ability
  • Use the Light Attack Vehicle's Boost Ability
  • Defend the Kapisi
  • Destroy the Remaining Gaalsien Forces

Research Edit

Artifacts Edit


Strategy Edit

Still more-or-less a tutorial mission in combat, gather the resources while defending against light enemy attacks and save as many of the incoming survivor vehicle squads as possible to reduce production costs to you.

Trivia Edit

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