Tombs of the Ancients
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Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Salvage the Shipwrecks
Locate Power Source Artifact
Destroy the Renza
Mission Navigation

Tombs of the Ancients is the eighth mission in the Deserts of Kharak campaign. Salvage artifacts from a group of mysterious wrecks in the desert.

Overview Edit

The Coalition fleet arrives in the vicinity of a group of mysterious shipwrecks that lie at the bottom of smooth rectangular pits. The wrecks are surrounded by Gaalsien units and excavation equipment.

Retrieve artifacts from the wrecks and eliminate Gaalsien forces until the carrier Renza appears and begins launching missile barrages. Destroy the Renza and her escort force.

Objectives Edit

  • Salvage the Shipwrecks
  • Locate Power Source Artifact
  • Locate and Collect All Artifacts at this Site
  • Use Tactical Bombers against Gaalsien Siege Cruisers
  • Destroy the Renza

Research Edit

  • Power Source Artifact
  • 1 random artifact

Strategy Edit

At each main wreck site Gaalsien salvagers will start breaking the wreck and possibly take the Artifact the moment you reveal them on active sensors, so when you are getting close to a wreck aggressively move a large force to it to quickly drop the salvagers, and then the guards.

There is enough open ground for the Kapisi to reach all of the wreck sites so you can use it as an anchor-point for your entire force to move around the map, harvesting everything in sight.

The Renza carrier and heavy forces/heavy combat it brings, along with the instant end of the mission when it is destroyed, only show up when the key Power Source artifact is found and returned to the Kapisi. If this isn't found in the very last wreck you salvage don't return it; pick it up with Rachel and immediately start moving her manually to just go beside the Kapisi. This will give you time to get to the rest of the wreck sites and the potential artifacts therein. Once you've finished the wrecks and nearby resources, then return the main artifact to the Kapisi and finish the Renza.

Trivia Edit

  • The wrecked ships in this level do not currently appear in any other Homeworld game. Their classification and affiliation are unknown.

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