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Seejur defender
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
65 RUs
Technical Information
70 tons
8.7 metres
385 m/s2
385 m/s
3 Small Mass Drivers

The Defender is one of the many strike craft utilised by the Taiidan during the Homeworld War and later the Beast War.

Background Edit

The Seejur was originally designed by the Taiidan to protect Capital Ships ranging from frigates to cruisers. While it has low speed and manueverability for a fighter and even many corvettes it possesses excellent coverage as its mass drivers are essentially turrets aided by AI sub-systems known commonly as "Defender Sub-Systems". In addition it has high firepower and strong armor making it, in the right numbers, the ideal capital ship defense system, better even than a capital ship's own turrets.

Seejurs are often vulnerable to massed attacks by strike craft but if they are high enough in numbers and positioned correctly they have a fair chance of wiping out enough of the offending strike craft in the initial attack to finish off any stragglers. Standard Kushan strategy against Seejurs is hence to target each defender individually and use evasive tactics.

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