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Defense Fighter
Koshiir-ra fighter
Ship Information
Fleet Defence
Ship Type
RU Cost
85 RUs
Technical Information
55 tons
14.3 metres
975 m/s2
875 m/s
Defence Laser

The Defense Fighter is a ship that was developed by the Taiidan Empire for the purpose of protecting their Frigates or Super Capital Ships.


Armed with a single defense laser this vehicle is designed to take out incoming projectiles before they impact with their target. The Koshiir-Ra is a prototype spacecraft and no one but the Taiidan have even close to a complete design similar to it. It uses a tightly focused beam of microwaves, forming a "maser", a special type of laser. The emitter, which takes up much of the vessel leaving the pilot crammed inside the small ship, leaves no room left for weaponry. As such the Koshiir-Ra is extremely vulnerable.

What makes this worse is when it is deployed. Koshiir-Ras are rarely needed and so are only deployed during the most intense of battles to protect capital ships long enough to reach their destination. During this time Koshiir-Ras may come under heavy fire and the only Koshiir-Ra pilots are highly trained volunteers. Many of these volunteers are pacifists or engineers, not people often in the cockpit of a fighter.

Trivia Edit

  • The Taiidan do not use the defence fighter, nor the Field Frigate, during the campaign.
  • In the Homeworld: Cataclysm manual, it is referred to as a Koshiir-Ra-class Defense Fighter.[1]

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References Edit

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