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Destroyer (Hiigaran)


Hiigaran destroyer

Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
2000 RUs
Technical Information
138 m/s
4 Heavy Kinetic Guns
2 Torpedo Tubes

The Destroyer is a medium-sized Capital Ship designed primarily for anti-frigate combat by the Hiigarans. The ship was designed to be balanced with the Vaygr Destroyer in firepower, although in a one-on-one engagement the Vaygr ship would usually emerge victorious due to its concentration on heavier firepower. Its Heavy Kinetic guns enable the ship to both heavily damage frigates and destroyers and also attack strike craft much more efficiently than the Vaygr counterpart could. Its secondary weapons are two Torpedo tubes, mounted on forward underside section of the ship, which are used only against other capital ships as a backup to the cannons.


One role the Destroyer excels at is as a disruptor of resource operations. Its turrets allow it to annihilate lightly armored resource collectors and their resource controllers with speed and ease, while still having enough flexibility to defeat or at least escape from escorts or light reinforcements sent to destroy it. Even if they were somehow pinned down they could hold their own against most ships and would at least divert ships from other duties. Furthermore, it would be suicide for any resourcing personnel to resume work in the area until the destroyer had been completely neutralized, which equates to further disruption of the enemy's resource flow.

Destroyers are also superior to their Vaygr counterparts when dealing with ships ranging from Frigate class to below. Their rapid-fire kinetic cannons can dispatch Frigates quicker than the Vaygr Destroyer's damaging but slow salvos of Heavy Missiles. Their kinetic cannons also provide a relatively accurate and damaging deterrent to Strike Craft, particularly corvettes. However, like all Capital Ships, Destroyers are vulnerable to Bombers.

The Destroyer can rotate on its axis to target enemies above or below its plane of fire. This can be a source of weakness however, as fighters or bombers can be used to disable the destroyer's engines, allowing frigates or other ships to approach it from "below". With the destroyer's engines disabled, it will be immobilized and unable to orient its guns to face a threat from such an angle and thus the attackers can kill the destroyer without suffering nearly as much damage as they would otherwise.

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