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This is the article on the Kushan destroyer. If you are looking for the article on the similar Taiidan vessel, see Destroyer. For other uses, see Destroyer




Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
1,350 RUs
Technical Information
315 m/s
2 x Large Ion Cannon turret
2 x Large Projectile Cannon turret

The Destroyer is an anti-Capital Ship vessel used by many Kushan fleets.


When technological advances were made in Capital Ship fusion power plants, it became possible to construct large, powerful starships combining heavy armor and massive firepower at the small price of slower speed than most ships. Revelation-class Destroyers were over 4 times better armored than any frigate in the Kushan navy. Mounting two anti-Capital Ship grade Ion Cannons, and two large Mass Driver cannons, the Revelation-class was a capital ship and frigate killer. Additionally, the Revelation-class mounted an engine array that enabled it to move at frigate speeds - a first for any capital ship. It was often used as part of an anti-capital strike unit, paired with the Ion Cannon Frigate.

However, the only main weakness of the Revelation was its inability to fight off strike craft, as it lacked a point-defense grid (as did many other capital ships of the Homeworld War). Its mass driver turrets lacked the ability to target quickly-moving strike craft, namely bombers. Therefore, Revelations had to be escorted by Interceptors or Missile Destroyers in order to be most effective.

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  1. Homeworld: Cataclysm manual
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