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This is the article on the Taiidan destroyer. If you are looking for the article on the similar Kushan vessel, see Destroyer. For other uses, see Destroyer

Skaal Tel
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
1350 RUs
Technical Information
26,000 tons
234.9 metres
39 m/s2
315 m/s
2 Large Ion Cannons
2 Large Projectile Cannons

The Destroyer formed the backbone of the Taiidan navy as its primary Capital Ship during the Homeworld War.

Background Edit

It sported two Ion Cannons fixed on its bow and two twin-barreled heavy Mass Driver turrets, making it able to direct firepower anywhere in its forward arc. The turrets could track targets from large corvettes and up, but were never considered a viable anti-strike craft weapon. Instead, the destroyer excelled as a frigate killer. Its speed and maneuverability allowed it to keep up with the smaller warships in combat maneuvers, and once it was able to bring its ion cannons to bear, it could inflict heavy damage on any craft.

Due to its limited defense against fighters, the Skaal Tel was often paired up with Missile Destroyers in engagements in the late stages of the Homeworld War, and up to the events of the Beast War.

During the Beast War, many of these destroyers were upgraded to use Energy Weapons and became a formidable capital ship in both Taiidan fleets.

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References Edit

  1. Homeworld: Cataclysm manual
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