This is the article on the Vaygr capital ship. If you are looking for the article on the similar Hiigaran vessel, see Destroyer. For other uses, see Destroyer

Destroyer (Vaygr)
Vaygr destroyer
Ship Information
Assault/Ambush Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
2000 RUs
Technical Information
115 m/s
1 Fusion Missile Launcher
2 Flechette Cannons
5 Hull Defence Guns

The Destroyer is a Capital Ship designed for attacking frigates and other capital vessels. It was designed by the Vaygr to defend large fleets from enemy attacks.

Background Edit

Armed with a quadruple Fusion Missile battery, the Destroyer relies heavily on devastating missile salvos to do its work. In addition, its two Flechette Cannon allows the vessel to dispatch smaller targets or to finish off a damaged enemy combatant.

Like most other capital vessels, the Destroyer lacks ample defenses against strike craft, requiring assistance from friendly fighters or Assault Frigates. Unlike its Hiigaran counterpart, the Destroyer repels Strike Craft with a set of Hull Defense Guns scattered around the exterior of its hull which only provides minimal defense. It should be noted that while the Vaygr Destroyer possess some heavy turrets, the Hiigaran Destroyers' Heavy Kinetic Cannons are more accurate than the Flechette Cannons.

The Destroyer is easily distiguished by its assymetric profile, much like the Assault Craft, the Lance Fighter, or the Bomber in the Vaygr fleet.

Appearances Edit

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