Dreadnought berth

Dreadnought Berth left after Hiigarans took the Dreadnought

The Dreadnaught Berth was the section of the Progenitor Mothership that housed the Progenitor Dreadnaught as well as the Keeper that guarded it. Following the disintegration of the mothership, the berth floated through space for millenia until discovered by the Hiigarans.

Guided by the Oracle, the Hiigarans pinpointed the location of the Dreadnaught Berth and arrived to retrieve the Dreadnaught. Despite the opposition from the Keeper, the Hiigarans successfully trapped the guardian ship in a Progenitor power module and escaped with the Dreadnaught.

A second Dreadnaught Berth can be found beyond the far edge of the level in which the player attempts to acquire the Dreadnaught. Although there is not a second Dreadnaught docked at this location, the fact that a previous cutscene shows only a single Dreadnaught Berth as part of the Progenitor Mothership implies that this structure is most likely a doodad.

Trivia Edit

  • An unused berth can be found within the Karos Graveyard. It is unknown whether this berth held the Dreadnaught that Makaan took himself.

Appearances Edit

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