The Exile Era is a fan-derived division of continuity that spans nearly 2900 years, between 6510 GSY and 9400 GSY. It is named as such due to the fact that the most significant event is the Exile, when the defeated Hiigarans were exiled from their homeworld and ultimately began their new life on Kharak. The Era begins when Hiigarans found the Second Hyperspace Core created by the Progenitors which eventually became the reason of their exile.

The Hiigarans were sent on prison ships commissioned by the Taiidan Empire into the further reaches of the galaxy. The intention was for the Hiigarans to be settled on a planet where they were to stay, indefinitely, never to rise up and challenge the power of the Taiidan Empire or other members of the Galactic Council.

Following landfall on the planet Kharak, the Exiles built a civilisation, as well as creating the Kiith system. After several thousands of years the Exiles took their first steps into space, and through a fortunate satellite malfunction, they found the wreckage of the Khar-Toba.

Following an expedition to the site, and subsequent excavation, the Exiles who after millenea had long forgotten their history, found they were not native to this planet and that they came from somewhere else. This evidence concluded with the construction of a Mothership class vessel that would seek out their Homeworld among the stars.

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