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The Expedition to the Khar-Toba was the pivotal event during the Exile Era in which the Kushan people discovered their true origins, the Guidestone and the construction of the Mothership to take them back to the Homeworld.


By 1061 KDS manned spaceflights had recovered a series of metal fragments that gave rise to the theory that the Kushan people were not native to Kharak. Subsequent recoveries lent more credibility to the theory and reverse engineering the fragments had advanced their technology by leaps and bounds.

In 1100 KDS Kiith S'jet instituted a new sensor system called Project Viin Cal, after the ancient God of the hunters. These were series of potent deep-scan radar satellites capable of sweeping the space around Kharak orbit for hundreds of millions of kilometers. The program proved to be a major failure with funding and staff slowly being shifted away to other projects.

In 1106 KDS a malfunction in one of these satellites caused technician Leykab Jaraci giving a self-destruct order to the malfunctioning satellite while saving what ever data it recorded. What the satellite recorded was a massive object in the sand surrounded by clearly artificial structures and geometric patterns. Further research convinced researchers to mount a major expedition to find and claim the object, now called the Jaraci Object or the Primary Anomaly.

Operation Skaal BriiEdit

Authorized and hastily organized in the same year, Operation Skall Brii's mission was to explore, locate and claim the Jaraci Object for the Coalition. Centered around a powerful carrier, the Ifrit-Naabal, the carrier and her escorts were dispatched into the Great Banded Desert. Less than one month later all contact ceased. A massive search was conducted and by 1108 KDS the Ifrit-Naabal was declared lost with all hands.

Although no wreckage was found, the Coalition conducted a major examination of all equipment used for the expedition and came to the conclusion that the expedition was ill-equipped for desert conditions. A new carrier had to be designed and with it new technologies.

Operation KhadiimEdit

Logo DoK

Operation Khadiim Logo

Building on the lessons from the first expedition, Operation Khadiim was centered around the new Sakala-class carriers with five assigned to the expedition.

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