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Deep Space Mining Vessel
Ship Information
Fleet Command
Deep Space Exploration
Technical Information
613,000 tons
10 m/s2
140 m/s
6 Large Mass Driver turrets
6 Energy Cannons (upgrade)

The Explorer-class Deep Space Mining Vessel is a command unit designed by Kiith Somtaaw to handle all situations miners could find themselves in during their expeditions. Explorers were capable of circuit, harvesting, refining and trading for time of over a year without additional supplies.


Each Explorer was equipped by default with an ore canister and 4 Resource Drop-off points in a special Hangar Module. However this configuration could be changed relatively easily by jettisoning both modules. This allowed the following modules to be built: The Engineering Module, Armour Module, Weapons Module, and Advanced Engineering Module. In place of the Hangar Module, a modified small Hangar Module could be built, without an engines array and Resource Drop-off. 12 Support Modules could also be built below research modules.

The Hangar module was outfitted to for the construction of Recons and Acolytes for defensive duty, as well as Resource Collectors to expand mining capabilities if rich mining fields would be found.

Additionally, Explorers possessed heavy weaponry, as per its class. An array of 6 large Mass Drivers placed on turrets could cover almost all the area around the ship, defending it from pirate raids. The usual tactic of Somtaaw fleets was to retreat all the ships to the command ship, which could overwhelm enemy corvettes and fighters with the combined power of its cannons.

All of this equipment was operated by a crew of 1,150. On longer missions, Explorers took reinforcements of 2,000 people in cryogenic suspension, which allowed the crew to work in 3-months long shifts, preventing them from being overworked. These crewmen could also replenish pilots who were killed in pirate attacks to maintain a constant number of fighters on escort duty.


The first Deep Space Mining Vessel to be built by Kiith Somtaaw was dubbed the Faal-Corum, the Kuun-Lan was built about 15 days later with much more powerful engines, an extra layer of armour and 35% more module capacity. All of the Explorers (because of their mass and volume which was greater than Carriers) required the Kushan Mothership to build a Phased Disassembler Array, however the capabilities of this were enough to build the immense vessel in 20 days or less.

The fate of Explorer-class Deep Space Mining Vessels after the Beast War is unknown.


  • In multiplayer gameplay, the Kiith Somtaaw command ship can have one of following names: Kuun-Lan, Faal-Corum, Gaal-Ten, Coor-Lan, Teer-Gig, Naab-Corum, Toet-Coy, Eheb-San. Some fans believe that this suggest more Explorer-class ships being built after the events presented in game.