The Far Jump is a term for a powerful hyperdrive ability capable of taking ships vast distances (many hundreds of light years or more) in just one or two minutes (Capital Ships could travel in seconds, while Mothership-class vessels and Super Capital Ships needs a few minutes).

Technology and KnowledgeEdit

The only known Far Jump hyperdrives were the Three Hyperspace Cores, which were so powerful that they could not only allow ships to Far Jump and Short Jump, but also power other systems such as Sajuuk's cannon.

Smaller ships like Frigates, which lack an actual hyperdrive, can still travel through hyperspace if accompanied by a Far Jump Range Wake Jumper. When a Far Jumper jumps, nearby ships, and even groups of ships from nearby locations (max. range from the Far Jump Range Wake Jumper is 60km), could be carried to Hyperspace with the Far Jumper. This was proven when the The Great Harbor Ship of Bentus drew a Bentusi fleet from the nebula near Hiigara during a conflict with the Hiigarans. Ships the size of strike crafts could far jump only when accompanied by the Age of S'jet Hyperspace Gate Network, otherwise they had to dock inside a larger vessel being carried along with the Far Jump.

Notable Far JumpersEdit

Examples of Far Jumpers with Hyperspace cores include Sajuuk, the Kushan Mothership, the Pride of Hiigara, Bentus, and the Vaygr Flagship. Some Far Jumpers which did not require a Hyperspace core were the Keepers, and the Dreadnaughts. The Beast vessel Naggarok also uses an extremely advanced experimental hyperdrive that allows it to Far Jump.

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