Ferin Sha (also known as The Dancing Ground) was a location 200 miles from the White Desert, where a major Kiith Manaan gathering took place.

About the location itself very little is known, it was a closely guarded secret of the Manaani untill 513 KDS.The gathering place was located on sacred ground somewhere between the sands of the desert. For Kiith Manaan it was more than just a secret location. A yearly gathering, a celebration for all Manaani, was held here. Because the location was sacred, any kind of fighting or looting there was strictly forbidden.

In 513 KDS the last celebration of Ferin Sha in the northern hemisphere of Kharak was held. A Siiddim army attacked the defenceless Manaani people, slaughtering everyone present. After that the Manaani people became pirates, attacking Siddim holdings on the edge of the desert for approximately a century, before constructing a new Ferin Sha somewhere in the Kiith Paktu controlled southern hemisphere.

In gameEdit

Captain Soban is the leader of a fleet named Ferin Sha which helps the Hiigarans in Mission 2 of Homeworld 2.


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