Ferin Sha Defense Fleet is a small Kiith Soban fleet of frigates sent from the Hiigaran Defense Fleet.


The fleet is only composed of frigates, but are more powerful and coordinated. It is known that Captain Soban had at least once commanded this small fleet. The fleet's task was Sobani space mercenaries hired into the Hiigaran Defense Fleet.


The fleet was composed from only heavy frigates. It is formed by a Torpedo Frigate, 3 Ion Cannon Frigates, and a Flak Frigate. One Commander's Ship maybe present (i.e. Captain Soban's Marine Frigate). The fleet was well coordinated: The Torpedo and Flak Frigate will cover the fleet from strike craft, while the Commander will assist, and the 3 Ion Cannon Frigates will close in to any nearby Capital Ships.


In HW2 Campaign: Angel Moon, the player will encounter the Ferin Sha fleet along with Captain Soban. They will assist in destroying the Vaygr forces in the area. Once their task is completed, Captain Soban will leave to investigate the Vaygr forces' centres. The Ferin Sha fleet returns to the Hiigaran Defense Fleet to continue their duty.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ferin Sha is actually a Manaani territory, a dancing grounds of sorts. It is unknown why this Sobani fleet is named after it.

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