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Field Generator
Field Generator
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Hyperspace Inhibitor
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The Field Generator is a large structure employed by the Taiidan Empire. They were constructed to prevent any race from hyperspacing directly to the Hiigara System.

History Edit

It is not clear when the generator was constructed, but it was most likely when the old Hiigaran empire were forced into the Exile by the Galactic Council.

Many generators were constructed and placed all around the Hiigara System. During the events of the Homeworld War, Captain Elson informed the Kushan about this network and gave co-ordinates of the inhibitor that was considered to be the most vulnerable in the whole network. It was dispatched and gave unrestricted access for the Kushan to return to Hiigara.[1][2]

Their fate is unknown, but they were most likely destroyed over time as they were found and eradicated.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on Captain Elson's information, it is most likely that each inhibitor had varying guard fleets depending on their position around the system. The inhibitor destroyed at Bridge of Sighs was considered the most vulnerable, indicating that it was the weakest of all known inhibitors.
  • The inhibitor is constructed of several pieces that all give a large inhibiting damping field. All parts would need to be destroyed in turn to disable the field.

References Edit

  1. Homeworld Mission 14 cutscene
  2. Events of Homeworld

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