The First Hyperspace Core is a Far Jump core created by the Progenitors, along with two other hyperspace cores.

The First Hyperspace Core, after being lost several thousand years ago, was rediscovered by the Bentusi, who incorporated it into their harbor ship, Bentus. With it, trade routes were created throughout the galaxy, ushering in peace amongst the many races.

The core was utilized by the Bentusi during the Exile of the Hiigarans, when they attempted to destroy the core and stay on their Homeworld. After their eventual exile, the core continued to serve the Bentusi until the events of Homeworld 2.

During the Vaygr War, Bentus was attacked by the Keepers of Abassid and after sacrificing themselves by overloading the core, it was transferred to the possession of the Hiigarans, who the Bentusi viewed as the rightful successors of Sajuuk (though how did the core survive such a massive quantum event is a mystery).


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