A flagship is the lead ship in a fleet of vessels, a designation given on account of being either the largest, fastest, newest, most heavily armed or, for publicity purposes, the most well known. In military terms, it is a ship used by the commanding officer of a group of naval ships. The term originates from the custom of the commanding officer (usually, but not always, a flag officer) to fly a distinguishing flag.

Used in this way, "flagship" is fundamentally a temporary designation; the flagship is wherever the admiral is flying his flag. However, admirals have always needed additional facilities; a meeting room large enough to hold all the captains of the fleet, and a place for the admiral's staff to make plans and draw up orders.

Famous Flagship sEdit

Hiigaran Edit

The Hiigarans built the battleship Sajuuk's Wrath ca. 3000 BHL to house their hyperspace core and act as the flagship of the Hiigaran Imperial Navy.

The Kushan completed their mothership in 1 BHL as a colony ship to return to Hiigara, but after Kharak's destruction, the Mothership became the flagship of the Kushan Navy as it sought revenge on the Taiidan Empire.

Under the guidance of Karan S'jet, the Hiigarans build the Pride of Hiigara to repel the Vaygr threat in 100 AHL. During the Vaygr War, the Pride of Hiigara served as the flagship for the Hiigaran Navy. Afterwards, the Progenitor-built Sajuuk fulfilled this role.

Taiidan Edit

The Imperial flagship served as the Taiidan Empire's flagship under Riesstiu IV the Second until its destruction in 0 AHL.

The Kapella served as the flagship of the Taiidan Rebellion under Captain Elson.

Kiith Somtaaw Edit

The Kuun-Lan served as the flagship of Kiith Somtaaw during the Beast War in 15 AHL.

The Beast Edit

The Beast Mothership served as the flagship of the Beast during their attempt to colonize the Galaxy in 15 AHL.

Vaygr Edit

The Vaygr Flagship served as the Vaygr's flagship under Makaan until its destruction in 100 AHL.

Sources Edit

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