This is the article on the weapon system used by the Vaygr. If you are looking for the article on the counterpart for the Hiigarans, see Kinetic Gun.
Flechette cannon

Flechette cannon on Vaygr Destroyer

Flechette Cannons are kinetic weapons used commonly by the Vaygr.

Each Flechette Cannon fires thin, long projectiles, silver in colour, which used their kinetic energy to penetrate through a target's armourSSource: Homeworld 2 Manual
page 59
. When fired the projectiles are accelerated to very high speeds which give them enough energy to blast even through destroyer hulls.

Flechette Cannons were commonly used amongst Vaygr units. The smallest variant was used on the Vaygr Scouts, and wasn't very harmful. The largest one was the secondary weapon of a Destroyer - two heavy turrets were capable of firing almost 360 degrees around the ship, being a powerful weapon against frigates and against corvette class ships. However they could not track and hit small, agile targets such as Strike Craft with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • The word flechette can be translated from French to English as "little arrow", or dart projectile.

Appearances Edit

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