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Fusion Missile
Fusion Missile
Production information
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15/16/30 seconds

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The Fusion Missile Launcher is a long-range anti-Capital Ship weapon mounted on Vaygr frigates, platforms, and Capital Ships. It serves is the Vaygr counterpart to the Hiigaran Ion Cannon during the Vaygr War. It comes in three versions which are classified according to damage: light, medium, and heavy.

  • The light variant, affixed onto Heavy Missile Platforms, is only moderately useful against frigates. It must be deployed in large numbers in order to be truly effective against frigates.
  • The medium variant is produced only by Heavy Missile Frigates. This type of Fusion Missile is reasonably potent against frigates. To inflict severe damage on Capital Ships, numerous Heavy Missile Frigates must be employed.
  • The heavy variant, mounted on Vaygr Destroyers and Battlecruisers, is devastatingly effective even against Capital Ships. A single salvo of these missiles could reduce the armor of an enemy Battlecruiser significantly.

In exchange for high yield payloads, Fusion Missile Launchers reload very slowly and release massive warheads that travel too slowly to chase down any target that is nimbler than a frigate. For measure, the Vaygr Battlecruiser's missile battery, in particular, is notorious for having the slowest rearmament of warheads which do not actively attempt to seek strafing fighters and corvettes.


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