Ghost Ship
Ghost ship
Ship Information
Traps and subverts capital ships
Ship Type
Technical Information
75 m/s2
450 m/s
Subversion field

The Ghost Ship was a large, derelict space craft encountered by the Kushan fleet in the Sea of Lost Souls. It is essentially a massive engine block joined with an orb-like hull, flanked by a circle of armored plates. Conventional weapons cannot penetrate its armor. The craft had a powerful control field generator that was capable of subverting Capital Ships and control them to preserve the ghost ship. It cannot subvert smaller strike craft. The captured vessels do not move and rotate in place in the location they were subverted, attacking all non-allied vessels.

Background Edit

The Kushan stumbled upon this ship because it caused anomalies in their hyperdrive, pulling them out of hyperspace. They already found a group of ships from different origins under control by the vessel. Among them were an Ion Array Frigate, two Taiidan Assault Frigates, two Multi-Beam Frigates and a Taiidan Missile Destroyer. Because the Kushan Mothership had no operational conventional drives at the time, neutralizing the alien vessel's control field was the only mean of escaping it.

The Kushan soon realized that only strike crafts could enter the field without being affected by it. Though the Ghost Ship's armor is impervious to strike crafts' weaponry, its control field is not: It could withstand cumulative bombardment from as many ships as Kushan could muster for a very long time but not indefinitely. Eventually, the ship's control field gave in, releasing all ships it had in control and placing them under Kushan command. The Kushan also were able to duplicate the missile technology found aboard the Missile Destroyer.

After that a Salvage Corvette was sent to salvage alien technology from the ship. This allowed the Kushan to research gravity well technology. After this, the Bentusi appeared, saying they knew of this ship but never dared approach it. The Kushan exchanged the data they collected for Super-Heavy chassis technology.

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