This is the article on the planet. If you are looking for the article on the mission that takes place here, see Gozan IV.

Gozan IV

Gozan IV is a planet located in an unknown system. It is where the Taiidan Imperialist Faction was attempting to take control of the Beast for their bio-weapon program.

Background Edit

Little is known of the planet's past, but during the events of the Beast War, the Imperialists had control of the planet, suggesting it was previously an outpost of the Taiidan Empire.

The Imperialists then initiated a project in which they would try to bring the Beast under control and use it as a bio-weapon. The Turanic Raiders gathered samples of the Beast from the Tel Sector, where the first battle between the Beast and Kiith Somtaaw was fought[1][2].

The samples in the base were put onto living subjects, which the Imperialist scientists hoped would bring control over the creature. However, these experiments failed miserably, since the intelligence of the Beast was capable of overtaking any control system, regardless of the sample size. However, their failed experiments did help the Imperialists in developing an efficient method to sterilise any experiment which failed, which would prove most useful to Kiith Somtaaw[3]

To protect the research, the planet was guarded by heavy patrols and all people needed to indicate who they were before they could enter the atmosphere of the planet to deliver goods: Kiith Somtaaw used this knowledge to capture enemy resource collectors to sneak their own team onto the planet to acquire the information from the Imperialists[4].

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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